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ian so ▓I don't have clothes, shoes, or bags made from leathe▓r or suede or any animal products. I'm on a mission."";Addicted" elephant heads home after heroin detox cure▓An Asian elephant who became addicted to drugs after eating a banana smeared with heroin is headed back

to K▓unming after a three-year detoxification program in China's southernmost Hainan Province.The 4-year-old mal▓e elephant, Xiguang, became addicted in March 2005.He was among six elephants lured by animal smugglers alon▓g the Sino-Myanmar border. They used the bananas as bait▓ for the animals, which were being brought into China's Dehong Autonomou

s Prefecture of Dai and Jingpo national▓ities.Police captured the elephants on May 8 that ye▓ar. Xiguang was sent to a wild animal protection center in Hainan three months later, after he was confirmed to ▓be suffering from withdrawal symptoms.R

to animal welfare after

ehabilitation experts and vets gave him injections of methadone, at five times human doses, for a year. Xiguang fully recovered after rehabilitation.Xiguang is expected to arrive at the Yunnan Wild Animal Park in the capital city of Kunming on Satu

rday after a 1,500-km journey home.The Asi▓an elephant is the largest land animal in Asia, wit▓h an estimated 50,000 living in the wild throughout the continent.Sichuan pandas gett

she reportedly re▓fused

ing used to new home wellThe earthquake seriously damaged parts of the▓ Wolong Giant Panda Protection and Research Center. The aftermath of the disaster continues to pose geological threats to the animals' home. Some pandas were relocated to▓ natural reserves and zoos.This is Tuantuan an

d Yuanyuan.▓ The pair was selected last year as a gift for Taiwan. The ▓couple bravely escaped their cottage at Wolong during the earthquake, and were found by their keepers. They▓ are now being taken care of at the Ya'an Giant Panda B▓reeding Base. Although they lost a few kilograms and were frightened and

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